Oily Hair: What are the causes and what can you do about it?

You have just washed your hair, but you look again stringy, greasy, even neglected? Do not worry about it anymore! In this article, we offer you useful tips to help you regain a healthy, shiny hair! Below are a few easy recipes for effective hair treatments, as well as the answers to the questions, which are the causes of oily hair, and what home remedies and cosmetic products can help you with this problem. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Oily hair: what are the causes?

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Oily hair is a cosmetic problem affecting both men and women due to overproduction of sebum. The sebum is actually secreted by the sebaceous glands in the scalp and has important protective functions - it prevents the scalp from drying out and forms a thin layer that prevents the penetration of different parasites into the hair. Precisely for this reason, the dermatologists recommend that you do not wash your hair every day - to keep the tallow layer on your head longer. The causes of the overproduction of sebum, which makes the hair look impure and stringy, are manifold - natural predisposition, too much stress in everyday life, unhealthy diet, hormonal fluctuations - such as during pregnancy, menopause or during pregnancy, the frequent wearing of caps and hats, improper care, etc. Read on to find out what you can do to solve this problem for good!

What can you do about oily hair?

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How can you prevent greasy hair? Firstly, it is important to get the scalp used to a certain washing rhythm so that the production and washing of the tallow are in balance. For example, wash your hair every other day, and soon you will notice that they are not so greasy. It is also important to use a mild shampoo without silicones, and to wash the hair with lukewarm, not with hot water - the hot water also stimulates sebum production. The same effect has the long blow-dry, so you should avoid it until the problem is not solved. Also not recommended are the frequent tinting and coloring of the hair, as well as the use of hair products such as hair spray and mousse. If you have greasy hair, you should opt for a comb instead of a brush - the brush spreads the sebum in your hair faster. Also, avoid wearing hats and hats so the scalp can get fresh air.

Natural remedies and greasy hair recipes

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Some hair treatments are particularly effective against oily hair - here we offer you a few recipes with home remedies that you can try for yourself. With lemon juice or vinegar, for example, sebum production can be reduced quickly and easily. Squeeze two lemons and mix the juice with ¼ liter of distilled water (instead of lemon juice you can also use vinegar). After flushing the hair, apply this conditioner to the scalp, allow to work for about 5 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Products like olive oil and grapeseed oil can also do wonders for oily hair. Before washing your hair, massage 3-4 teaspoons of high quality olive or grapeseed oil into your scalp - the quick result may surprise you! Another good idea is to rinse your hair twice a week with a cup of black tea, or to make an effective yolk hair mask. You could also try the following recipe for natural hair mask with yogurt and apple cider vinegar: mix four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with four tablespoons of natural yoghurt. Distribute the homemade mask evenly on the hair by gently massaging the scalp. After that, wrap your head around with plastic wrap and a warm towel. After 15 minutes rinse the mask with lukewarm water.

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