Slimming on the face: 11 valuable advice and exercises

Even without being overweight many people have a round face with full cheeks. If you want to get rid of the small double chin and have a slender face, you can easily reach your goal. Without starving and only doing a few exercises a day, you will lose weight on the face. All you have to do is follow our valuable tips and bring rigorous will. But do not forget that a round face looks very cute and sexy!

Slimming on the face: Not possible without a healthy diet

Slimming on the face Diet

But if your problem area is associated with overweight face, then reverse your diet. With a diet you also lose body fat. Do not be discouraged, you will only lose weight in the face. The healthy diet is combined with a lot of exercise and sports so that you can enjoy the results faster. Replace carbs, fats and sugar with more fruits and vegetables.

Her face needs water to look elegant

Slimming on the face due to drainage

But if you have bulging cheeks from birth, losing weight with diet and exercise is not so fast. Give your face enough water. Even if the problem is overweight, drainage helps you lose up to 2 kilos. Sufficient water will help flush out excess sodium. A long term solution would be a combination of a healthy diet, lots of water and exercise

Slimming face facial exercises

Slimming on the face Gymnastics

Have you heard about facial gymnastics? Through training you can fight double chin. These exercises also help you to look younger. If you prefer yoga, there are yoga poses that train facial muscles very well, as well as breathing exercises. Repeat X and O several times in succession. You can repeat this exercise as many times a day as you want. These two letters will contract your cheeks so that your facial muscles will move a lot. If you hold your skin by the clavicle and smile broadly with closed lips, you will train your face the best. Support your arms on a tabletop, place your thumbs under your chin and press your chin against your thumbs. Hold the tension for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Training can also be fun when you do "smiling fish face", "lion face", or "puppet face".

And our last tip - Give yourself a massage! The facial massage stimulates the circulation and you will feel good. And do not forget - with your cheeks let your charm play!

Slimming on the face by massage

Slimming on the face 10 minutes

Face Slimming Fish Face

Slimming on the face with exercises

Slimming Face Lion Face

Face Slimming Puppet Face

Slimming on the face Exercise

Facial weight loss facial exercises

Slimming cheeks in the face

Slimming on the face like

Slimming your face Yoga

Slimming your face Yoga exercises

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